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Bergen County Mover Review by Kathleen F.

Booth handled my daughter's move today from Hackensack to Maywood. You moved her in a year ago. She moved out of a 2nd floor apartment and moved into a 2nd floor apartment. Booth's team of Walter, Oscar and Alberto did EVERYTHING. They were amazing. Booth has moved me every time I have moved for the last 45 years. I have never had a bad experience and today was no exception. At the last minute, we had to request Booth push the move time back from 8 a.m. to noon, due to a snafu on the building management's end. Booth said, "No problem." The furniture was heavy, the stairways narrow, my daughter and her roommate had more boxes than I've ever had combined in 45 years of moving and the afternoon was hot and muggy, Booth said, "No problem." Walter, Oscar and Alberto wrapped the furniture, took furniture apart, put it back together, moved the furniture several times when we didn't like where we placed it initially - we were a PAIN. These guys said, "No problem." They were polite, they were patient, they were efficient - they did ALL OF THIS in exactly 4 hours; AMAZING. Thank you, Booth, your record of 45 years perfect service with me remains intact!!

Booth Movers

Wow. This is one of our very best reviews EVER. We love providing 45 years of flawless service!