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Booth Movers, Ltd. is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we’re taking action every single day to make our company more representative of the many communities we serve. Especially in light of the social issues that our country continues to face, we’re doubling down on our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion on our team.

What do diversity and inclusion mean to us?

It’s simple: every voice is important, and every person—from our staff to our customers—deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. We work hard to embrace all perspectives, to elevate historically and currently marginalized people, and to fulfill our mission of being truly exceptional professionals in the moving and storage industry.

Learn more about our stances on diversity, inclusion, equality, and respect below.

Commitment to Inclusive Management

We know that establishing a truly supportive workplace environment requires more than just words. It requires action—which we at Booth Movers have taken by ensuring that our management team includes representation from the LGBT community and other minority groups.

We want to be sure that our policies are fair, equitable, and welcoming regardless of gender, sex, race, sexual orientation, age, minority status, or other markers of historical and ongoing discrimination. That’s why we’ve filled key positions with people who we trust to keep our policies fair and forward-thinking.

Commitment to Diverse Employees

We’ve been employing members of our community since the early 1940s, and we actively recruit a diverse staff that mirrors the great diversity of New Jersey and the surrounding states. Our dedication to a well-rounded workforce includes several important actions:

  • Recruiting a diverse talent base
  • Prioritizing non-discriminatory hiring practices
  • Valuing individual contributions and viewpoints
  • Offering fair, equitable compensation plans
  • Providing ongoing training for diversity and inclusion
  • Giving all of our employees the training and tools to succeed
  • Encouraging open dialogue in the workplace

If we find staff members who are willfully violating our policies or impeding our efforts toward greater diversity =, we don’t sit back. We take appropriate administrative action, up to and including termination if warranted.

Commitment to Social Justice in Our Communities

As one of the longest-standing moving companies across Hudson and Bergen Counties, we believe that we have a responsibility to fulfill in our community. We not only support diversity and inclusion within our organization, but we also strive to support key social issues in the many communities we serve—here in New Jersey as well as nationwide.

From our leadership team down to our individual moving crews, you’ll find Booth Movers staff:

  • Donating to charitable causes in the community
  • Volunteering personal and professional resources
  • Participating in critical social justice initiatives
  • Collaborating within the industry to promote diversity and inclusion
  • Building connections with diverse stakeholders
  • Looking for new ways to serve the greater good

Since Booth Movers first opened for business 70+ years ago, we’ve been committed to one thing: continuous improvement of our services, staff, technology, and resources—all in the service of better meeting your needs. We’re extremely proud to be doing the work necessary to make our workplace more welcoming for everyone, and thus better equipped to serve customers like you.

For more information about our current diversity initiatives, please reach out to Booth Movers by phone or online form today.