Whether your client is a first-time homebuyer or has moved a dozen times, these moving tips can come in handy to help them make a smooth transition. Pass this list on to your clients along with a recommendation to choose Booth Movers!

Planning Ahead

An organized move starts well in advance.

·  Downsizing: Careful planning can make it much easier to transition to your new home. Start getting rid of things you don’t plan on taking to your new home a couple of months before the move. That way you won’t have to worry about finding places to donate items in the busy days right before the move.

·  Start Packing Early: If you’re doing some of the packing yourself, start the process a month or two before the move. You can start with holiday items, out-of-season clothing, decorative items, or kitchenware you only use occasionally. The more packing you do in advance, the better.

·  Reserve Your Moving Company: Moving companies may book up well in advance, so reserve your mover as far at least a month before moving day. Be sure to select a company that is bonded, licensed, an insured.

Packing Tips

Here are tips that will help you stay organized whether you’re packing yourself or choosing full-service packing from your moving company.

·  Pack for Your New Home: When labeling boxes, be sure to label them for the room they are going to in the new home, rather than from the room they occupy at your current home.

·  Welcome Home Box: Create a “welcome home” box. This box will contain items you’ll need during the first night or two at your home and will prevent the need to open 20 boxes searching for essentials. Examples of items to include in your welcome home box are toilet paper, paper cups and plates, and personal hygiene items.

·  Don’t Ship Important Paperwork: Pack a small box or briefcase with all of your family’s important documents such as passports. Keep it with you during the move.

·  Kids’ Activities: Bring items to keep kids occupied when you first arrive at the new home such as coloring books and games.

·  Donating Food: Rather than tossing out your unopened, non-perishable food, donate it to a local food bank.

·  Donating Big Items: If you’re donating furniture or several boxes of items, call for a donation pickup. Many charities are happy to pick your items, and it will save you a trip.

Other Tips

Here a few other things to keep in mind as you plan your move.

·  Pet Stuff: Be sure to bring current vet records, which will make it easier during your first visit to your pet’s new vet. If you’re moving a long distance and are not driving, consider enlisting the services of a professional pet mover rather than shipping the pets on an airline.

·  Utilities Disconnection: Schedule the disconnection for the day after you leave to avoid being without services on moving day.

·  Change of Address: Don’t forget to fill out the change of address at the post office about a week before you move. Also, you’ll want to notify all of your creditors of your new address. For most of your friends and family, you can announce your new address on Facebook (but be sure the privacy setting is for friends only!)

·  Take Pictures of Electronics Hookups: Take a picture of what plugs in where before you disconnect everything. This will make it much easier to set everything up when you’re in your new home.

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