As a realtor, you get to see families move out of one house and into another every single day. With an in-depth understanding of property layouts, area roadways, and timetables for moving in and moving out, you’re a bit of a moving expert in your own right. Why not make moving easier for your clients by helping them plan and execute the perfect move?

Here are a couple of tips you can share with your clients so that purchasing a house with you is just as stress-free as moving into their new home.

Set a Budget

Moving costs money, but costs can vary widely. The first thing you want to suggest is setting a budget.

If they don’t have a lot of money to spend, they should consider doing all the heavy lifting themselves, but that doesn’t mean a moving company can’t help. Most moving companies sell packing supplies, like bubble wrap and boxes. Many of them are also willing to rent you a truck for the day. There are even bigger savings if the truck is dropped off at its original rental location.

If they’re looking for a little more professional support during their move, they’ll want to budget for a moving crew. Just make sure they understand that sneaky fees can send their budget spiraling out of control. The price usually depends on the weight and number of items you have to move. Fees like valuation coverage and specialty moving services should be added to the budget so there are no surprises when the bill arrives.

If professional moving services are needed, but it seems like the budget won’t allow for it, don’t fret. Consider moving between October and April for additional savings. Moving during the week instead of the weekend is cheaper too. 

By creating a budget, your client can narrow in on the services that they actually need without spending money on services they don’t.

Movers Do More Than Just Move

Most people aren’t expert movers, which means they know very little about all of their options. If a client is interested in hiring a moving crew, they’re probably just thinking about hiring a company that can move their boxes from point A to point B. You can really make moving easy for your clients if you mention that movers do much more than that.

A professional team of movers, like the crew at Booth Movers, offers additional services like:

·  Sale of packing supplies

·  Full-service packing

·  Partial packing services

·  Professional unpacking services

·  Fine art, automotive, piano, and specialty moving services

·  Furniture disassembly and assembly

·  Short- and long-term storage

Pass Along a Great Deal to Your Clients

There’s no question that superior customer service can greatly enhance your business, but it can enhance ours as well! With decades of experience, and as an agent for Atlas Van Lines, we really know our stuff, which means we can provide your clients with the kind of moving experience they deserve.

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To learn more about our Premier Partner Program, or to learn more about the full list of moving services we offer, contact us today. We can help you schedule a free in-home estimate for your client!