Label Your Boxes Like A Pro with This System

As a realtor, you understand the importance of moving deadlines. When homeowners are in the midst of a move, sometimes all they can think about is packing to get everything on the moving truck. But what happens when it’s time to unpack? Creating an efficient labeling system now will save your clients time and energy later.

Share these labeling tips with your clients to make their move easy:

Number Your Boxes

When you’re packing up a house, the boxes are inevitably going to pile up. Numbering your boxes by room is a great way to organize specific spaces. Number the side of your boxes and include the total number of boxes per room. For example, writing Box 1 of 25 eliminates second guessing when it’s time to unpack. You won’t be asking yourself, “I thought the dining room had more boxes…?”, nor will you have to worry about tracking down items. You’ll know what has arrived and what’s still on its way off the truck.

Color Code by Room

After your boxes are packed and numbered, assign each room a color. There are plenty of different color-coding systems out there. Whether it’s DIY labels or downloadable templates, choose the system that’s works for you and stick to it. If you’re looking for something simple, we recommend writing the room name in a specific color on the side of your box, then sealing your box with bright duct tape of the same color. That way you’ll know what box goes where by sight, saving you time on the big day.

Prioritize Your Boxes

When you move into your new home, there are some boxes you’ll need to unpack right away while other items can wait. Prioritizing your boxes before you move creates an efficient system for unpacking. Pack essentials together and identify the box as High, Medium, or Low priority. That way when you’re looking for something important, you won’t have a bunch of open boxes and nothing unpacked.

Keep a Remote Master List

Create a master list to keep sense of your organizational system. This can be as extensive as you want it to be, but we recommend writing down your room colors, the number of boxes per room, and the number of high priority boxes you have. Keeping a printed master list, or one easily accessible on a smartphone or tablet, will make your move more efficient while giving you peace of mind. You’ll be able to make an unpacking plan ahead of time, so you can settle into your space sooner and celebrate your new beginning.

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