As a realtor, you know that packing doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process, instead it can be an opportunity to declutter! Share these three questions with your clients so they can enjoy a smoother move into their new home!

What are Your Goals for Your New House?

Before you begin packing up your old house, think about your new one. Outline your goals for your new home. Do you have aesthetic goals, like a new color-scheme? Or they more lifestyle-oriented like adopting a minimalist outlook? Whatever your vision is for your new home, write it down, and think about the steps you can take to achieve that goal. Keeping your goals at the forefront of your mind will help guide you during the decluttering process.

Be Honest. How Often Do You Use It?

When it’s time to start sorting through items, be honest with yourself. Is this an everyday home staple? An item you use weekly? Something you break out for Thanksgiving? Now’s the time to get rid of things you don’t really use. That’s not to say you can’t have special occasion items, however you don’t need three gravy bowls from your Aunt Rita. Once you have your items sorted by use, look at the pile of special occasion items. If you feel this pile is still too large, ask yourself the next question.

Does it have a Special Meaning?

This is a great question for items that didn’t pass your gut “get rid of it” test. Does this item have sentimental value? More often than not, sentimental pieces pile up. Soon you’re overflowing with items deemed precious when they seem to add more stress than joy. If it’s part of what makes your home your home, keep it. No questions asked. If you really think about the item, you can be honest with yourself about what you need, and gain a deeper appreciation for the items you really value.

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