Moving is a stressful time for everyone in your home, including your furry friends. Just like with people, proper planning can help eliminate the anxiety your pet feels on both moving day and as they settle into their new space.

Here are 5 Dos and 5 Don’ts when moving with pets to help your animals have a stress-free move.


  • Create a “First Night Box” for your pet. Include their favorite blankets, toys, and food so you can keep them happy on their first night in a new home.
  • Unpack your new home as much as possible before bringing your pet. Your pet will feel more comfortable and at home if they have familiar items surrounding them.
  • Keep your pet in a quiet place on moving day. The loud noises and hustle and bustle of moving day will likely upset your pet.
  • Move your furry family members in your car instead of a moving van. Again, this one makes your pet feel more secure and comfortable.
  • Update your pet’s tags and microchip in advance. Just in case your pet gets out, they will be brought back to your new location instead of your old home.


  • Ignore your pet’s stress before moving day. When they see you packing up items, they will likely begin to feel uncomfortable and fearful. Give them extra attention if you notice a shift in behavior.
  • Let your pet explore their new neighborhood on moving day. They may get lost and attempt to head back to their old home.
  • Have your pet move freely about in your car. Pets feel most safe in a warm space such as a small carrier. Being free will make them more scared.
  • Change your pet’s routine. It’s easier for your pets to transition if the only thing that changes is their location.
  • Forget to get necessary pet records in advance. If you are changing veterinarians, make sure you get copies of their records for your new vet prior to leaving town.

Experienced Professional Movers

Hiring a professional mover not only reduces the stress on you but also allows you to focus on your furry friends during your relocation. The experts at Booth Moving have helped thousands of customers relocate to their new homes with ease and efficiency.  With decades of combined experience, our dedicated crews will handle your moving logistics allowing you to ensure all of your family members are comfortable during the big move.

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