The only difference between a long-distance move and a local move is how much time you have to rest between packing and unpacking. All of the time-consuming tasks that you face with a long-distance relocation are still there even if you’re moving down the street. Packing everything you own, moving furniture, switching utilities, and all the other details make even a local move a daunting task.

Booth Movers has been helping people complete their local relocations for nearly 70 years. As a realtor, we know that you have clients in need of advice when it comes to moving. We wanted to share some of our best tips for a hassle-free in-town move.

Hire a Local Moving Company

The best way to avoid moving-day hassles is to hire a reputable, experienced local moving company. Could you do it all yourself? Maybe. Should you do it all yourself? Probably not. When you consider the work involved in packing out your entire house, loading everything onto a rented or borrowed truck and then reversing the process down the street, it’s easy to see the value in getting a little help from the pros. Here are a few good reasons to hire experienced local movers:

  • They’ll Do the Heavy Lifting: Do you really want to have your friends try to move your baby grand, your king-sized bed, or your huge sectional? Instead of forcing people you like into hard labor, let experienced movers make light work of the heavy lifting!
  • They Know How to Pack: Proper packing, furniture wrapping, and crating will protect your belongings from damage during a move. Expert movers, such as those at Booth Movers, know all the techniques that will ensure your items arrive to your new home unharmed.
  • They Have Trucks: Borrowing a truck is an OK solution, but most people are going to need to make several trips in a pickup truck, and that’s a pain. Renting a truck can be expensive, and you need someone who feels comfortable driving it. When you call pro movers, they bring trucks—and they know how to drive them.
  • They Won’t Break Things: If your buddies are helping you move because you bought them a pizza, there is a better than average chance that your grandfather clock or other bulky item is going to get nicked or damaged. It’s not that your friends don’t care—it’s just that they don’t know how to properly protect big items during move. And also because they want to hurry up and get to the pizza.

Get Rid of Stuff

Why move things you don’t need from one place to another? Those jeans you loved in college are never going to fit you again, you’re not going to refinish that project piece your found on the side of the road, and it doesn’t make you a bad mother to whittle the kid-art collection down to your favorite 750 pieces. Use the move as a chance to purge. It will make packing easier and let you enjoy a new home with less clutter.

Call the Utility Companies Well in Advance

Even though you’re moving nearby, the utility companies may still need to be notified several days in advance. Unless you enjoy roughing it without water, electricity, gas, and Wi-Fi, call to schedule the transfer at least two weeks before moving day. Your best bet is to have the service turned on the day before you move in since many utility companies complete turn-ons throughout the day.

Don’t Forget the Pets

You’ve probably made arrangements for your small kids on moving day, but don’t forget the pets. It’s common for pets to bolt during a move. The doors are being held open, there’s lots of chaos—it’s best if your pets are either crated or spend moving day at an animal day care center. Since your move is local, this will be easy to arrange, and it will save you a lot of hassles while you’re trying to load and unload the truck.

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