There are so many little details to take care of when planning a move that it’s easy to forget something. One such detail you don’t want to miss is having the utilities at your old home turned off immediately after you vacate. Many homeowners have left this undone and end up having to pay for a month or two of utilities at the old place on top of the utilities at their new home.

Having a moving checklist will help you remember things like turning off the utilities as your moving day draws closer. Another option, if you have an exact moving date, is to schedule the shut off well in advance. Only do this if you are sure of your moving date, or you might find yourself in the dark.

Here are a couple of other things you should keep in mind regarding utilities.

It's Not the Same Everywhere

If you’re planning a long-distance move, remember that your utility bills may not be the same as in your current home—even if your moving into a home that is similar in size. For example, the average monthly energy costs in New Jersey are $279. In Connecticut the number is $380, and in Miami it is $157. As you plan your budget for your new home, do so with an understanding that your utility bills could be higher or lower than what you currently pay.

Allow a Day of Overlap

While you don’t want to pay for energy you’re not using, you also don’t want to have to pack or unpack in the dark. For that reason, consider turning things off at your old house the day after you move and turning them on at the new place the day before you arrive. Yes, you’ll have to pay for an extra day, but that’s better than trying to load a moving truck or unpack in the dark.

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