The new year is only just beginning, and that means a fresh start for many of us—it may even mean moving to a brand-new location! 

If you are planning a household move, you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement and stress, but don’t despair! While the challenges of moving may be a reality, there’s plenty that you can do to take charge of the situation and get on-track to having a stress-free experience—without emptying your wallet.   

At Booth Movers, we know a thing or two about planning a seamless relocation. In fact, we’ve been around for more than 70 years, and with over 40,000 successful moves under our belts, our NJ moving company is here to give you the tips and tricks you need to get off on the right foot with your next household move.   

First Things First: Nailing Down the Details of Your Move 

You know you want to move—but do you know when and how you want to get the job done? That’s the first step towards getting the process started, and you’re going to want to sit down and take a realistic look at the following:

  • Timeline: How soon do you need to be settled into your new home? It is best to plan a move as far in advance as possible, but leave yourself at least a couple of months to handle all the details. 
  • Needs: Are you looking for full service movers? Do you just need basic service for transport? Will storage be a concern? Get clear on what you want out of hiring a professional mover before taking the plunge in finding a provider. 
  • Budget: Once you know what you need with your move, you can figure out what your price range is for service. Be sure to get several quotes from local movers before committing to a company! 

Finding the Right Mover—at the Right Price 

After you have a better idea of when, where, and how you want to move, it’s time to find a NJ moving company that is up to the task. With relocation, you often get what you pay for, so going with the least-expensive option runs a risk of leaving you with missing items, delayed delivery, and a big mess. 

At Booth Movers, we always suggest looking for the following as you start researching moving providers:   

Moving and storage options that fit the specific needs of your situation 

Honest pricing with free, written cost estimates and in-house consultations 

Affiliations with major industry organizations and van lines 

Positive customer reviews, BBB-accreditation, and years of experience 

Creating a Moving Checklist and Sticking to It 

Hiring a mover and securing your moving date in advance is a big weight off of your shoulders, but it is also when the real hard work begins! Now is when you need to start packing your home, organizing your belongings, and transferring all essential information to your new location—which can feel like a monumental task. 

To ease your mind and give you a simple way to track your progress, create a moving binder! Here you can keep all essential documents and contracts, checklists broken down by timeframe, budget spreadsheets, and anything else that you need to keep your move organized and flowing smoothly.   

The professional, full service movers at Booth Movers are here to help you have an exceptional relocation experience, and we check off all the boxes on your list when it comes to professionalism, budget-friendly pricing, and comprehensive moving and storage services. As an award-winning Atlas Interstate Agent, we can handle any household move—anywhere in the country—so call today to request your free quote and consultation!