Selling your home and moving into a new one can be an exciting time for your life. For those who have sold their home and have not finished closing on the new home, finding temporary housing and storage is key to keeping your moving process as stress free as possible. New home buyers are going to be eager to move in, so this means that you could need to move out at the drop of a hat if your home sells.

To help make the move out process as quick as can be, it might be in your best interest to hire a moving and storage company. Full service movers, such as Booth Moving in New Jersey can help you get everything moved out of your home and into a storage unit or straight into your new home when you are ready.

If you’re preparing to move into a new home and are on a time crunch, there are several tips that can help make the process much faster. In this article, our experts at Booth Moving will reveal some of the best ways to facilitate the moving process for a faster move—specifically for anyone selling their home.

1.  Communicate With Your Buyers

To help make your moving process much easier, communicate with your buyers so that they are in the loop on the status of your move. This can help them plan around any time you may need and allow them to make the necessary arrangements they need for their move as well. With any luck, your buyers may need some extra time as well which can allow you to take a little more time moving out.

2.  Start Packing As Early As Possible

When it comes to getting everything ready for moving day, having everything boxed up and ready to go will make not only your life a lot easier, but it will help your movers as well. The mover's job is to move your boxes into their truck and off to either the new home or your storage unit. The faster they can grab boxes and load them up, the easier and less expensive the job will be.

3.  Store Your Items

If you are needing to store your items while you wait on your new home to be finished or for the closing process to end, you can choose a moving company that offers storage solutions. This will make it much easier and can save you some money as the movers can deliver and unload your items at their own location. Once you are ready to move in, they can grab your items quickly and deliver them to your new home.

4.  Communicate With Your Movers

Communication is the key to making sure that your move goes smoothly. Having constant communication with your moving company will allow them to understand where they need to be, what they need to move, and where they need to move it to. The more the movers know, the easier the move will be.

Most reputable moving companies like Booth Movers will provide complimentary moving consultation along with a pricing estimate in your home. This service is important for planning the entirety of the moving process from start to finish, which will help the project move along more smoothly and faster.

5.  Plan Ahead With A Temporary Living Space

If you are having to move out of your home before your new place is ready, you are going to need a place for you and your family to stay. It is important to have something lined up just in case you are needing to stay a few nights at a hotel, apartment, or even a family members home until your new home is ready. Having this planned out in advance will allow you to set aside the required money and decide on where to move without wasting any time.

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