Whether you are moving because of a new job or personal reasons, a long-distance relocation can be stressful for you and the entire family. You want to hire a New Jersey long-distance moving company with the experience necessary to help make the process as seamless as possible. At Booth Movers, we have over 80 years of moving experience. We have some tips to help reduce the stress of the whole process on everybody involved.

Choose a Reputable Moving Company

To reduce your stress during the moving process, hire a reputable moving company with the experience needed to make the relocation a breeze. The easiest way to make sure the company you chose is trusted and reliable is by reading their online views. Not only do online reviews provide an honest look at customers' experiences, but they also can show how movers handle unexpected issues. 

You can also visit a moving company's website to see if they won any designations or awards related to their services. In addition, visiting their website allows you to see what services they offer to make the moving process easier on you. One of the best services to utilize is professional packing. Not only do professional packers save you time, but they can also pack your belongings securely to ensure safe transport, no matter the distance. 

Involve Your Children During the Process

Moves are stressful for children. Not only are they moving to an unfamiliar environment, but they may also be leaving friends behind. To make the transition easier on your children, moving.org suggests finding ways to make your children a part of the process. For example, you can take them with you during the house hunt. If this is not possible, you can show them what the new house looks like using Google Maps or taking pictures. 

Other ways to make your children feel important and like they have a say are:

  • Encouraging them to help pack a few boxes of toys.
  • Letting them choose the paint color of their new room.
  • Having them pick the first family activity to do once you get settled in the new house. 

Keep Your Pets Separate On the Day of the Move

According to the ASPCA, moving can increase your pet's stress. The presence of moving boxes can freak your animals out, which can lead to stomach problems or behavioral issues. In addition, with the hustle and bustle of moving day, they could slip out of the house unnoticed. 

To decrease their stress and keep them secure during the process, you should consider keeping them in a separate room or with trusted friends and family members, especially on the day of the move. Keeping your pets secure in a separate room with their bed, a few toys, and food and water can keep them out of the way during packing and truck loading while also keeping them comfortable and relaxed.

Handle Your Plants with Care if You Move Them

All living things can get stressed. Plants are no exception. While experts recommend selling your houseplants or gifting them to friends and family before moving, especially if you are moving long-distance, sometimes you have to bring them with you. If you must bring them with you, you must handle them with care. 

Transporting them in your vehicle allows you to control the temperature and their exposure to sunlight. You should also transfer the plants you are bringing with you to a plastic container just big enough for the plant. Transfer the plants two to three days before the move to give them time to adjust. 

Hire the Professionals at Booth Movers

Instead of stressing about your upcoming move, hire the professional New Jersey long-distance movers at Booth Movers. Our experts have the equipment and resources necessary to make a move as hassle-free as possible, reducing the stress on you and your family.

Our comprehensive moving services include:

  • High-Quality Packing Supplies
  • Expert Packing Solutions
  • Protective Padding/Wrapping of Furniture
  • Custom Crating for Fragile Items
  • Short-Term Storage in Our Secure Warehouse

To learn more about our long-distance moving solutions and receive a free project quote, call our team today.