Preparing for a long-distance move is stressful and chaotic. Once you are all packed up and ready to move your residential items there are other obstacles in the way of your smooth move. Our team at Booth Movers wants to help you plan for the unexpected during your move. With our 60+ years of experience we know which obstacles are going to cause the most hassle in your do-it-yourself move. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions about how to best prepare for your move today.

Plan for Damages

You may be shocked about how much wear and tear your everyday household items can take during a move. However, if you have any delicate items that are custom-made, glass, or ceramics you should take extra care to pack them properly. At Booth Movers we suggest using dish packing boxes for most of your delicate items. You should layer your items with packing paper and bubble rolls in order to stop them from getting moved around in the box during your move. If there is an item you have that you would like highly-protected feel free to call us at Booth Movers to properly pack and offer valuation coverage for compensation if your item gets damaged. 

Plan for Unplanned Delays

You never know if your household items are going to get delayed, especially if you are moving yourself. You may get stuck in severe weather or have issues with the truck you have rented for your move. These issues can also come up with a less experienced moving company. At Booth Movers we advise that you pack a week's worth of necessities in your car if you are not moving with your moving truck. You can also pack basic cooking supplies to help save on food costs. A simple pot, pan, and spatula can go a long way in an unfurnished home.

Plan for Surprise Emergencies

Planning for emergencies is a day to day event for most people. You never know when the unexpected is going to happen. It is advised to have an emergency road kit for whichever form of transportation you are moving with. At Booth Movers we suggest you put a battery-powered charger and physical maps in your emergency road kit, along with basic first aid supplies. It is not uncommon for you to lose service while on the road and you do not want to get lost without a map. We also suggest you get AAA Auto Club or OnStar to help you if your vehicle has trouble during your move.

Plan for Changing Fuel Costs

The price of gas changes depending on which location you are in and how the reserves are doing from month to month. We know that a moving truck uses a lot of gas during a long-distance move. A small change in gas prices can add hundreds of dollars to your moving expense. Luckily you can avoid these issues altogether by calling today to get a free estimate from Booth Movers. Our professional moving estimates will not change over time, meaning you do not have to worry about gas prices at all. If you decide to drive your own car during your residential move it is smart to plan out your stops and compare different gas pricing before you leave.