You should always prepare for a residential move, however moving in the winter adds another level of stress that homeowners may not think of before they are actively hauling items into a moving truck. At Booth Movers we want to help you prepare for your upcoming winter move with 5 easy and important moving tips. With over 70 years of experience, we know our tips will save you time and money. 

Check the Weather

The New Jersey weather can be harsh throughout the winter. It is important to be flexible when completing a winter move, however if you are planning a move last minute it is a great idea to plan around milder winter days. Moving your items is not worth your personal safety, we always recommend using your best judgment before starting a winter move.

Make Safe Paths for Movers

If you already have snow on the ground, it is important to be proactive for your moving team. Even if you have family moving your items, these items will stay in the best shape if not dropped in the snow. Booth Movers recommends you shovel a path for your moving crew and salt to avoid any risks of ice hazards. It is important to start this process a few days before moving in order to break down any ice that has built up over time. 

Protect Your Home

It is important to protect your floors during a winter move. Our moving and storage company suggests you place down floor protection. You will more than likely track in snow and salt during a winter move unless you are constantly removing your shoes or boots. A good door mat is key to minimizing these issues.

If you do end up with some issues from tracking the outdoors inside, it is a great idea to have a hard-surface residual spot cleaner available. You can also get a cleaning tool for areas with carpet. 

Double Wrap Fragile Items

It is well known in the moving industry that sub degree weather can make it more likely for glass to shatter and plastic to crack. A simple drop may end up with the loss of valuable items. Our nationwide movers suggest double wrapping all fragile items you are moving in the winter. With ice and temperatures working against you, even the smallest of mistakes can have major consequences. This wrapping will also help your items through the temperatures over a long-distance move.  

Winterize Moving Vehicles

If you are attempting to move yourself it is incredibly important to get your tires winterized. If you are not sure about how to do this you can use a rentable moving truck or hire a professional moving company. If you hire Booth Movers all you have to do is get your own vehicle from point A to point B. Do not chance flipping your household items mid move. Instead trust Booth Movers for safe and affordable moving and storage services. We can get you a free quote today!