If you want a more flexible moving schedule with more truck availability, you should consider moving during the holidays. While the winter months are a downtime for moving companies, it can be a good choice for many people.

However, you will need to plan around the holidays and take the necessary precautions when relocating. This article will provide helpful tips that you should know when moving during the holidays.

​Start Packing Early

During the holidays, it is a hectic time for many people, with various holiday gatherings during the month. Packing your belongings early is a great way to ease the stress of your upcoming move during the holidays. By having your items packed early, you don't have to worry about missing events because you need to pack. 

​Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Hire a Mover

Along with packing early, you should not wait to contact a moving company for your upcoming relocation. A moving service requires extensive planning, so it's best to give your moving provider ample time before the moving date. Additionally, the moving company may have staff who take time off during the holidays. Contacting the mover early will allow them to confirm availability for your relocation.

Hold Off On Large Item Purchases

Did you see a great deal on an item you want? While it may be tempting, you may want to hold off on making large purchases until after your move. If you buy a big item before your moving date, you will be adding more work for the residential movers and have less space in the moving truck. Some of the items you should consider waiting to purchase until after your move are:

  • TVs
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Furniture

Let Others Host the Holiday Gathering

If your home tends to be the location of holiday gatherings, you should consider hosting it at other homes for this holiday season. Adding planning for holiday parties while planning a relocation can become overwhelming. While it may be a tough decision, you will be much happier without the added stress of hosting a holiday gathering. 

Have Your Holiday Decorations Clearly Labeled

You don't need to sacrifice decorating for the holidays if you are moving. If you arrive at your new destination before the holidays, you can still quickly decorate by clearly labeling your items. When you have your decorations in a clearly labeled box, you can set up your home shortly after you arrive for the first holiday celebration. 

Decide Which Items You Can Donate

There is no better time to donate than during the holiday season. If you have some items you don't plan on taking with you, the best choice is to take them to a charitable organization. A charity will gladly take items you don't want, such as clothes, kitchen equipment, and electronics. Some of the most common organizations you can find near you are Goodwill and Salvation Army. 

Get a Moving Estimate Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to plan for an upcoming relocation is by requesting a moving estimate ahead of time. If you typically spend more during the holidays, you can better plan your budget with an estimate. Most moving companies will provide a detailed quote you can count on once the relocation is complete. 

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