Planning a household relocation can seem like a daunting task that has a lot of uncertainty. However, you can reduce the stress on the moving day by doing many of the steps in advance.

Whether packing or coordinating utilities, you can do these steps before the planned moving date. This article will provide some planning tips you can do for your upcoming household move. 

Create a Packing Schedule

If you have a lot of household belongings, you can schedule packing them on different days. Separating the packing process into different days will help make packing your household more manageable. 

Depending on your preferences, you can schedule packing items in individual rooms or from the level of importance. Once you've established a schedule, you should stick to it to prevent a stressful moving day. 

Cancel/Set Up Services with the Local Utility Company 

As part of the moving process, you must cancel utilities such as internet service and electricity. Leading up to the moving date, you should contact your local utility provider and plan a cut-off day for your service.

Along with canceling your services, you can set up the services at your next destination. Setting up your utilities in advance prevents extended downtime once you arrive. 

Empty your Pantry/Refrigerator of Excess Food Items

When the moving day gets closer, you should do your best to empty your pantry and refrigerator to avoid wasting food. For perishable food items, you should limit the new products you buy and eat the remaining items. 

If you want to donate your food items, you can give non-perishable items to local food banks. However, you must ensure the food items are unopened for the charity to accept them. 

Make Arrangements for Children and Pets 

During the moving day, you should try to make arrangements to have someone look after your children or pets. With your children and pets under trusted supervision, you can put your full attention on moving.

Leading up to the moving date, you should confirm that someone is available to assist you. If you wait too long to make arrangements, you may not have someone to watch your children and pets. 

Contact Moving Companies Early 

When hiring a moving company, waiting till the last minute is never a good idea. It would be best to give the moving company weeks to plan and coordinate your upcoming household move. 

At certain times of the year, residential movers will be busier and require more time to fit you into the schedule. Generally, you should let a moving company know about your move at least 3-4 weeks in advance. 

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