Nearly everyone has dealt with a move on their own at some point in life. Whether it's moving out of your parents' place into a new apartment or a downsizing to a smaller place in retirement, the process can be hard on your back, chaotic, and may take longer than you expect. 

That's why customers often choose a residential moving professional for their move. Even those household moves that seem quick are going to take longer and require more effort than people realize. Experts will streamline the whole process.

Still on the fence about hiring a New Jersey moving company?

Let's take a look at some of the other reasons moving by yourself is the worst.

Driving the Moving Van

If you rent a moving van to transport your belongings to a new home or to place them in storage, you'll probably find driving it is a little challenging. Moving vans have lots more blind spots than other vehicles. They also brake much more slowly than other vehicles too. During the drive, you may also find it hard to deal with stormy weather, potholes and gravel roads, and the load in the back of the van shifting suddenly.

Unpacking at the New Home

After you move into a new home in New Jersey or beyond, you'll also have one final task to deal with alone. That is unpacking all of your boxes and setting up all of your furniture. A professional long-distance mover usually provides full-service packing and unpacking for customers. They can take care of emptying those boxes quickly to keep them from lingering in your home for weeks or months.

Replacing Damaged Property

No matter how careful you are, it's likely that something will break during the relocation to a new home. If that item is expensive, you'll have to pay a lot out of pocket to find a replacement. Most of the time, any damage is small and something you can live with for the long-term. However, it is very annoying. 

Experienced moving crews have the knowledge and resources needed to carefully pack your items for you. Not only that, many movers offer upgraded insurance options designed to give customers full replacement value of any belongings that are damaged in transit.

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