When it comes to moving companies, most homeowners think of the basics; movers are there to take household items from the old home to the new home. However, as a professional in the real estate industry, you’re well-versed in all of the subtle nuances that accompany moving and are in a unique position to help your client receive the care and respect they deserve during their relocation. With the prevalence of moving fraud and scammers, Booth Moving set out to help real estate professionals connect with our qualified, licensed and insured, and honest movers by launching our Premier Partner Program.

Choosing Trustworthy Moving Experts

No two moves are identical because everyone’s circumstances are different. From differing budgets to varying distances, it’s important to consider all of the intricacies that create a successful move and most homeowners just don’t have the experience to be aware of these. As a professional, you can enlighten your clients and let them know that moving isn’t just taking items from point A to point B and that selecting the right mover is crucial for a seamless and stress-free move.

From bait and switch movers to the movers who never actually deliver household items, fraud is unfortunately common. Booth Moving works diligently to help customers avoid scams, and here are some of the ways you can do so as well:

●  In-Home Estimates:  We offer in-home estimates so that our prices reflect the specific needs of each and every customer.

●  Physical Address:  This may seem like a no-brainer, but many homeowners overlook this. Make sure the company has a real physical address and do web searches with the address to confirm legitimacy.

●  Industry Affiliations:  Industry affiliations indicate professionalism, so look for these when choosing movers. Booth Moving is a ProMover with the American Moving & Storage Association, accredited and A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, and is a proud Atlas Interstate agent.

●  Work with Booth:  Simplify the process of selection a mover by joining our Premier Partner Program! Membership to our referral network not only ensures a reliable and reputable mover, it also comes with special pricing and VIP preferential treatment.

For more information regarding our exclusive Premier Partner Program, contact us today. Call to learn more from one of our dedicated moving specialists or request additional information by completing our online contact form.