As a real estate agent, you know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to moving. It’s likely that many of your clients have limited experience with the moving process, or perhaps they are simply overwhelmed with the amount of work involved with packing and transporting all of their belongings to a new home.

While the expertise you have as a realtor can come in handy while guiding your clients through relocation, helping them choose the right moving service that fits their budget is just another way to make a positive impact on their experience.  

What Can Moving Companies Provide?

Most people are familiar with the basic loading and unloading services available from a professional moving provider. However, top-rated companies also offer a variety of residential moving packages that can make your client’s transition to a new home a much more efficient, hassle-free experience! When guiding your clients through the home stretch of getting into their next residence, give them a heads-up on the following services that they can look for when choosing a moving company: 

·  Full-Service Packing: Full-service moving gives your clients the ultimate and convenient relocation. Movers will be able to pack, unpack, transport, and disassemble/reassemble furniture to help your clients have a seamless moving experience.

·  Fragile-Only Packing and Custom Crating: If your clients have high-value or fragile items, some moving providers offer fragile-only packing and crating options. This can give them the peace of mind they need knowing that their most valuable belongings will be protected throughout the move.

·  Packing Supplies: Having quality packing supplies is an essential part of the moving process. When your client doesn’t want to pay for a full-service packing option, they can still get top-grade boxes, wrapping, and other supplies from their provider to help them pack their home efficiently.

·  Residential Storage Options: Whether they are moving down the street or to the other side of the country, having storage available can be a great way to help cut down on the stress of the transition.

·  Unpacking and Debris Removal: Moving is exhausting, and having professional help to unpack boxes and get rid of the packing material after unloading can be a very welcome service for those who want a truly hassle-free move. 

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