Preparing for a move usually involves a lot of planning and preparation. There are many things to consider when moving such as what boxes to pack your items and what moving companies to reach out to. If you have pets though, then that is another factor to consider when moving. In this blog post, the friendly residential movers here at Booth Movers will go over some tips for moving with pets that way your furry friend is well-accommodated with your move. 

Have Someone Watch Your Pet On Moving Day

Before your moving day, you should consider having someone close to you to watch your pet for your moving day. Whether it is a family friend or even a pet daycare, having your pet watch over during your moving can take them out of harm’s way while also reducing the amount of stress they could experience. To really ease any stress during this big change, make sure you leave the people watching your pet with your pet’s favorite toys and treats. 

Make Sure You Have Enough Pet Supplies

If you are traveling a long-distance with your pet, then make sure you have packed the right amount of pet supplies to last the duration of the trip. You don’t want your pet to be out of food or water during the trip as this can negatively affect them. Make sure you bring items such as:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Treats
  • Sanitary Supplies

Get Acquainted With Your New Area

Before your move, make sure that you become familiar with the local veterinarians in the area that you will be moving to. You should also check on local and international regulations on the types of pets that are allowed, especially if your pet is an exotic animal. Knowing what vets to go to and what pets are allowed can prevent any confusion from occurring when moving to your new area.

Protect Your Pet’s Housing

If your pet is housed in a cage, aquarium, terrarium, or other form of housing, then you need to make sure it is safely packed to prevent any damage from occurring during the trip. That is why you should contact a team of local or long-distance movers and ask them about the packing services they provide. You can even ask them for packing materials that are able to accommodate your pet’s housing. 

Get Your Pet Shipped

Of course, if you feel your pet may not be comfortable with your move, then consider having them shipped by an ethical pet shipping company. A pet shipping company will make sure your pet is safely shipped to your new location for a less stressful experience. The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association can help you find the best pet shipping specialist to safely transport your pet. 

Prepare For A Successful Move With Your Pets

Getting ready for a move with your pets doesn’t have to be a hassle when you follow these pet moving tips. By using these tips, you can make sure your pet is well cared for during your move, no matter the distance.